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10 TED Talks Highlight Stem Cells as Key to the Future of Medicine

Posted by [email protected] on Oct 6, 2012 12:34:19 PM





TED talks are quickly becoming a key focus in the eyes of an increasing well-informed public. One of their key topics? Stem Cells. The role of regenerative medicine in coming years has been a hot topic - so much so that a compendium of 10 separate TED talks have been compiled, all given by leading scientists and researchers including Susan Solomon, Susan Lim, Daniel Kraft, Eva Vertes, Alan Russell, Noel Merz, Juan Enriques, Kevin Stone,and Lain Hutchison.

This research explores the vast possibilities - and some of the current realities - surrounding what regenerative medicine will mean for the future of medical care around the globe. The talks address key of-the-moment issues like treating chronic and fatal disease, effectively utilizing the body's own proliferative resources to regenerate other failing organs, and new technologies that make all these processes far more attainable.

Visit the TED blog to discover the details behind what the experts are revealing about the future of medicine and how it will be influenced by stem cells.

The future of Regenerative Medicine is now™.

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