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Mesoblast to Enter Phase III Clinical Trial for Heart Failure Stem Cell Treatment

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 5:00:56 AM

Mesoblast, a leading stem cell technology and regenerative therapeutics company, received FDA approval to begin a Phase III clinical trial utilizing their stem cell therapy [Revascor] to treat heart failure. We have reported on Mesoblast in previous posts; most recently, the announcement that they were developing neural related regenerative therapies utilizing dental pulp stem cells.

Mesoblast’s announcement is but the latest example of the acceleration in stem cell treatments entering various clinical trial phases. The regenerative medical revolution - using the body’s natural maintenance and repair mechanisms to address disease, trauma and Injury – is indeed upon us. Stem cell based treatments are moving out of the research labs and into the clinical trial phase with steadily increasing frequency. We believe the emerging gold standard in regenerative medical treatments will utilized the patient’s own stem cells.

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