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Finger Regrowth Offers Clues to Regeneration

Posted by Kelsey StemSave on Jul 31, 2013 7:39:47 AM

child's fingers

"Kids will actually regrow a pretty good fingertip, after amputation, if you just leave it alone," says Dr. Christopher Allan, from the University of Washington Medicine Hand Center. The ability of young kids to regrow the end of a digit following some form of trauma to the digit has researchers at New York University studying a similar phenomenon in mice with the hopes of finding clues to digit regeneration in humans. Researchers are focusing on the stem cells that reside in the area and how they interact with other biological elements to induce the regeneration.

As experience suggests, kids seem to possess a regenerative ability not present in older individuals. And while researchers do not fully understand the processes at work, it is known that stem cells in younger people are both more prevalent and more proliferative then stem cells in older individuals hence, the age of the stem cells may have something to do with their ability to engender the regrowth of digits.

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