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3D-printing to Accelerate Stem Cell Therapies

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 12:10:25 PM

Dr. Matthew Wheeler holding 3D-printed splint Dr. Matthew Wheeler holding 3D-printed splint

Scientists at the University of Illinois have used a 3D-printer to create a bioresorbable airway splint that was used in a transplant to treat tracheobronchomalacia in a young boy whose prognosis prior to the transplant was fatal. Dr. Matthew Wheeler, a professor at the University of Illinois and a member of the Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering research team at the Institute for Genomic Biology hopes to add stem cells to the splint in order to accelerate healing.

Dr. Wheeler believes an interdisciplinary approach, such as one combining 3D printing and stem cells, will accelerate therapies for many traumas, injuries and debilitating diseases. To learn more about the utility of stem cells, how regenerative medicine is shaping the future of medicine, and how you can safely preserve your own stem cells for your future health, visit or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.

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