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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment Combines Stem Cells with Anti-Scarring Agent.

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 3:42:49 PM

Stem Cells are instrumental in treating scars from kidney disease.

Recently published research from Monash University has demonstrated the effect of adult stem cells and the protein serelaxin in reversing the scarring on kidneys that typically lead to end-stage renal disease.  While adult stem cells are moderately successful on their own, the scar reduction of serelaxin provided a better environment for them to help the kidney repair itself, providing significant protection from future damage.

Since there is no cure for kidney disease, the only option patients currently have is dialysis and transplantation.  However, the wait time for transplants is enormous, and many fail due to immune rejection or graft failure.  In conjunction with serelaxin, adult stem cells could provide a viable alternative to this cumbersome and inefficient process.  Rather than trying to obtain a new kidney, stem cells make it possible to simply repair them, leading to better outcomes for patients.

We believe the best stem cells to use in emerging regenerative treatments will be the patient’s own [autologous stem cells] as this negates the need to find a suitable donor and eliminates the chances of rejection of the transplanted tissue. To learn more about banking your own valuable stem cells to insure your family’s future health, visit StemSave or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.



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