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Combatting Alzheimer’s Disease with Stem Cells

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017 1:45:00 PM


Biostar Stem Cell Research institute has developed a protocol  for the use of autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells to combat Alzheimer’s Disease with the FDA has approving Phase I and II clinicals trials for the new treatment. The process involves recovering, isolating and culturing the patient’s own stem cells. Culturing the cells results in the production of a clinically significant number of cells, enabling an extended treatment period and protocol. These cells are injected intravenously across ten treatments, using approximately 200 million cells each time. By utilizing the patient’s own stem cells to address neural degradation, the researchers anticipate the treatment may go a long way to both slow the degenerative progression of the disease, while also addressing the root cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

According to company spokesman Park Hye-Rim, the company’s stem cell therapies have already gained approval for other ilnesses like rheumatoid arthritis in Japan and it is expected that AstroStem [the trade name for the new stem cell treatment] will be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The recovery, culturing and administration of the patient’s own stem cells represents, what we believe to be, the cutting edge of the emerging field of regenerative medicine. It is poised to revolutionize treatment options for a broad array of disease, trauma and injury.  Younger stem cells are demonstratively more active, more plentiful and have not suffered from environmental and natural degradation that comes with aging making them ideal candidates for these emerging regenerative treatments.  Hence, the wisdom of banking your stem cells today becomes apparent.   By banking their own valuable stem cells, families can ensure that they will have access to these emerging therapies in the near future. To learn more about banking stem cells, please visit StemSave or call 877-783- 6728 (877-StemSave) today.


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