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Personalizing Medicine with Stem Cells

Posted by on Aug 6, 2019 10:54:00 AM

liver-2934612_960_720Researchers at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University have developed a methodology to create mini liver organoids to test how therapies will affect patients in vivo.  Since susceptibility to liver disease varies greatly based on the individual, the researchers are hoping to better tailor treatments by creating a mini liver from patients’ own stem cells in order to test a variety of treatments to assess those best suited for each individual patient. This stem cell advance will enable researchers to ’personalize’ treatments to the individual, while also enabling them to study and better understand rare liver diseases.

Studies like this underscore just one of the several key roles stem cells are playing in the development of treatments for previously incurable diseases. By combining stem cells and regenerative medicine, researchers are creating a powerful new tool to tackle a variety of diseases.

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The Future of Regenerative Medicine is Now™

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