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Reversal of Gray Hair Discovered Using Stem Cells

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 3:44:00 PM

A group of researchers investigated the effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells for several age-related neurodegenerative disorders. The team implanted the stem cells in a group of 14 patients aged between 30 and 75, including four subjects who had completely gray hair. During their investigation, they made an unusual discovery. After six weeks of stem cell implantation, the reversal of graying hair was observed for both scalp and beard hair.

The exact mechanism is still being elucidated, but the researchers hypothesize that the autologous stem cell implantation lead to positive activation and regeneration of melanocyte stem cells in the hair follicle niche, up-regulating the pathways involved in proliferation and differentiation of hair follicular bulb. “This generates an interesting hypothesis, that mesenchymal stem cells play an important role in melanin regulating pathways, biosynthesis and transport into the hair follicular. The cellular and molecular pathways remain a subject of future research,” the researchers concluded in the study.

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