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Rotator Cuff Injuries Treated With Stem Cells

Posted by on Oct 4, 2018 1:29:00 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.19.17 PMResearchers in Korea are conducting clinical trials utilizing autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells to repair rotator cuff damage. The patients participating in the study sustained a partial thickness rotator cuff tear, which caused chronic shoulder pain and would otherwise require surgical intervention. Typically, rotator cuff tears are treated with nonsurgical methods, such as corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. However, these treatments leave nearly half of the patients with chronic pain.

This early stage clinical trial utilized autologous mesenchymal stem cells [the same type of stem cells found in teeth] in an injection aimed to treat inflammation and pain in the rotator cuff as well as repair the partial tear. Following the first stage of the trials, patients experienced an alleviation of pain, with little to no adverse effects and a decrease in defective tissue around the tear. This trial is a groundbreaking first step in changing the treatment protocol for an injury as common as a rotator cuff tear.

As treatments emerge, we believe the best stem cells to use will be the patient’s own [autologous] stem cells as this negates the need to find a suitable donor and eliminates the chances of rejection of the transplanted tissue. To learn how to bank your own valuable stem cells to insure your future health, visit or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.


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