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Stem Cells Further Understanding of Disease Development

Posted by on Aug 23, 2019 11:37:00 AM

cyborganoids-4Researchers at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are utilizing stem cells and nano-electronics to study cell differentiation and disease models outside the body. The researchers are utilizing the latest advances in organ 3D printing and combining these organs with tiny sensors in culture in order to better understand human cells and tissues and gain invaluable insight, without having to worry about finding patients with specific, rare disorders. The researchers found a way to create a network of interconnected sensors and seed this structure with stem cells to have an organ develop around the sensors and be constantly monitored and observed from the cellular level. This is something that cannot be done with actual human organs, and full-sized sensors are often too large to fit into strategic places in organ tissues.

The research will allow doctors to better understand organ pathology and the complex process of cell differentiation, which will further general stem cell research and enable researchers to coax stem cells to differentiate into virtually any structure.

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