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Posted by on Jul 12, 2019 2:13:00 PM

Untitled-4Biotechnology company Memphis Meats has successfully grown chicken meat from stem cells in a lab, bypassing the cost and environmental toll of raising poultry. The stem cells were obtained from a live chicken and grown in the lab in a nutrient-rich medium until the cells formed into a piece of meat. The meat grown in the lab is virtually indistinguishable from meat obtained through traditional methods. Bypassing current livestock industry practices eliminates unnecessary harm to the animals,  avoids the need for antibiotics and growth hormones,and mitigates environmental degradation. Memphis Meats, having successfully created lab-grown beef and duck, have now expanded their culturing protocols to chicken, expanding their expertise in the field of stem cell culturing.

What’s most impressive about Memphis Meat is their successful culturing of stem cells, growing them into the meat structures quickly and efficiently. Their expertise and culturing protocols can be expanded to help coax stem cells into other complex structures and tissues to address pressing medical issues.

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