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Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 2:20:11 PM

A recent article in the NY Times served to highlight the progress the medical community is making in combating genetic disorders.

The development of Crispr-Cas9 gene editing technology is profoundly altering the way the medical community is approaching the treatment of genetic disorders.  By enhancing accuracy and simplifying the process for the removal and insertion of specific genes in the DNA sequence, Crispr-Cas9 has brought gene therapy back to the forefront of research in the treatment of genetic disorders.To no surprise, one of the key components of this treatment approach are stem cells.

Because of their unique ability to regenerate, researchers can correct the defective gene in a stem cell and then grow the corrected cells into therapeutically significant numbers for transplantation and treatment.

Advances such as Crispr-Cad9 are the reason we founded StemSave and why families choose to bank their stem cells [remember - stem cells are more plentiful and active the younger you are].  Did we know that Crispr-Cas9 would exist when we started offering our service – of course not; no one can predict exactly how the medical field will advance.   However, we did [and still do] study developing trends in the medical field.  What we see is the emergence of personalized medicine, an emphasis on treating the root causes of a disease [or trauma or injury] - rather than mitigating its symptoms and, expanding lifespans.  We see the pace of advances in medical treatments and their efficacy accelerating as the ability to gather and analyze data improves and medical and research professionals collaborate across disciplines to bring more nuanced and effective treatments to the forefront.  Of course, we also anticipate the central role an individual’s own stem cells will play in these emerging, regenerative treatment options. 

We believe our clients share our faith in a future in which your stem cells – your body’s natural repair and maintenance mechanism, will be harnessed leading to longer, healthier lives.  At this very moment researchers and doctors are treating disease, trauma and injury, growing and transplanting organs, replacing tissue and restoring function utilizing stem cells.  Hence, the future we believe in is not some abstract, far off, abstruse vision.  As the emergence of Crispr-Cas9 demonstrates – the future is happening now. 


Art Greco, CEO


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